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Helping you or your business succeed

Conversations are fundamental to Scaling Up your business

Hugh Gyton is for you if you need or want to:

  • Sell and earn more
  • Influence more – get colleagues and clients to invest time and money in your projects and ideas
  • Increase company engagement
  • Improve relationships, reduce stress, make stuff happen!

Improve your conversations

Increase your ability to scale up, influence and connect

Clients express that Hugh truly increases their ability to influence and connect, by:

  • Taking the time to understand their business
  • Having proven content that meets their needs
  • Showing flexibility and a willingness to tailor their delivery
  • Re-framing, re-vitalising and inspiring their people
  • Driving positive change in their team's behaviour
  • Being engaging, enlightening and fun!

Watch this video testimonial

This testimonial features the late Ashley Spencer, Hilton Australasia Vice President and one of the most inspirational and respected hoteliers in Australasia.

Hugh Gyton

Hugh Gyton

Certified Speaking Professional and Certified Scaling Up coach

As a Certified Scaling Up Coach and Certified Speaking Professional with over 25 years' experience as a sales trainer, coach and behavioural change agent, Hugh passionately promotes his ethos that “people buy people first”.

Hugh is a keynote speaker much in demand on the speaking circuit. He also focuses on corporate mentoring and training and is adept at working with large, multi-cultural groups, illuminating the benefits of positive body language, outstanding personal presentation and mindful conversation.

Hugh's message is vital for anyone who cares about:

  • Building a better, stronger workforce
  • Building a happier more cohesive environment
  • Surrounding themselves with healthier, more contented individuals

Hugh's personal journey of adversity and success spans three continents and encompasses grief, joy, loss and abundance. Through the art of good conversation, Hugh inspires people to reach their potential - both personally and professionally.

How Hugh can help you

Scaling Up Coaching

Hugh is a Gazelles Certified Scaling Up Coach working with CEOs and Senior Executives of mid-market companies who have a strong desire to grow their companies and profitability faster.

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Professional Speaking

Hugh is an amusing, warm and intelligent Certified Speaking Professional that inspires individuals, teams and audiences to reach their personal and professional potential.

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Business Facilitation

Hugh offers business coaching and workshops to help people achieve real conversations to earn more, engage more and lead more.

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Some of Hugh's valued clients