Amusing, warm and intelligent certified speaker

Inspiring individuals, teams and audiences to reach their personal and professional potential

Hugh Gyton

Certified Speaking Professional

Hugh has accreditation as a Certified Speaking Professional - the only internationally recognised accreditation for speakers, awarded to approximately the top 10% of the industry.

If you need to reframe and revitalise your team's communication skills so that they will have the confidence, capability, and commitment to engage better and more often in the conversations they should be having, then Hugh's your man.

Pouring every ounce of energy into each and every presentation, Hugh is amusing, warm and intelligent - and it's hard to go past his conviction that as individuals, as a society and as friends and lovers, we are diminished if we neglect the art of good communication and good conversation.

Professional speaker, sales trainer, coach and behavioural change agent, Hugh Gyton passionately promotes his ethos that "people buy people first". His message is VITAL for anyone who cares about building a better, stronger workforce, a happier more cohesive environment and surrounding themselves with healthier, more contented individuals.

Hugh's personal journey of highs and lows, adversity and success, spans three continents and encompasses grief, joy, loss and abundance. Hugh stands apart in his field. Through the art of good communication and good conversation, Hugh inspires individuals, teams and audiences to reach their potential personally and professionally.

As a High-Stakes Conversation Expert Hugh will increase your team's credibility, capability, 'connect-ability', and 'commission-ability'.

Highly memorable and incredibly useful keynotes

Who would have thought our conversational blunders could be enlightening and entertaining at the same time?

We take the stage by storm with numerous stories, tips and tricks that make any of our keynotes highly memorable and incredibly useful. We drive home valuable insight that makes the audience sit up and take note.

Our passion for creating change in others to better their conversations shows with the practical nature of the tips we share.

These are not just chalk and talk sessions; these are life lessons everyone should hear.