Client testimonials

How our passion has helped our clients have more successful conversations

Hugh is one of the best training facilitators I have come across in nearly 25 years of professional development in the UK, Hong Kong and here in Australia. His techniques, insights, and manner with the group was instrumental in them coming away with an enormous amount of drive to grow our business in the coming months and years.


Hugh is a passionate motivator who engages in a very personal manner. His pragmatic adaptable approach has personally helped me to develop my skills, skills that go way beyond a conversation, that now benefit me on a day to day basis by focussing me on asking "the why" and inspiring me to help others.

A.T. Kearney

I have worked with Hugh over the past year and have always found his advice and guidance to be very sensible. Most importantly Hugh's advice can always be implemented in a practical sense and this has assisted me with some current projects I am working on. I would recommend Hugh's work in this area to anyone.

Adobe Systems

I met Hugh back when I was 25, his insights into Conversation M.O.D.E™ led to the biggest change in the way I not only interacted with clients and staff however with family and friends also.  We had Hugh present a workshop to all our staff just recently and ALL staff had real positive takeaways which everyone will benefit from into the future.

Advisory Partners

Unlike the sciences, supply chain management is largely a case of choosing the “least worst options” and because of that clear communication is paramount.  Your subject hit the spot with our members and guests and the feedback was very positive.  I especially took note of the “24 hour rule” which I now consciously apply whenever possible.


Joy and I both enjoyed the venue and the speaker, who was highly entertaining with some good practical take-away messages.


We continue to get astounding results from our staff from your "Presentation is Just a Conversation" course. The confidence levels after the training are way up, the feedback is excellent and the quality of presentations vastly improved. Instead of having to drag our staff along we now have them lining up. This is in no small way a tribute to both the way you have structured the course but also to your dynamic training style.

Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

Hugh's excellent book 'The Art of Conversation' is a must read for anyone who wants to create and develop better relationships with people. I would like to see this taught in schools! Well done Hugh, great book.

Biconix(UK) Limited

Hugh was recommended to me as a person of good character and exceptional training skills; he not only displayed these qualities but also was engaging, communicative, flexible and imaginative. Hugh helped us to grow Candle into one of the most admired companies in the industry. I highly recommend him for culture changing sales oriented assignments.

Candle Recruiting

Hugh has presented on goal setting and personal selling to my TEC group as well as ... TEC CEO members. He delivers with much energy and is able to connect in a way that facilitates people to gain insights into their own behaviours when it comes to selling themselves or their organisations' products/ services. I recommend Hugh to any organisation which is seeking to lift the sales performance of its people.

Centricom Pty Ltd

Hugh was engaged to deliver a tailored program for 10 of our people ... Feedback from the team was: best money I have ever spent, best training course ever, valuable from the first to the last minute, made me think totally differently about how I execute my job - learned a lot from Hugh. We will engage Hugh again because he engages honestly, professionally, warmly and thought provokingly.

Communications Design & Management

Hugh facilitated an engaging, thought provoking and very enjoyable learning experience for the senior management team from Greater China. Diversity across the group was no barrier for Hugh as his measured pace kept everyone focused on the Art of Conversation. Thanks Hugh - brilliant.

Conrad Hong Kong

In this day of email, SMS and MSN it was a refreshing reminder that some people think the Art Of Conversation has not been lost. Meeting and listening to Hugh could not have come at a better time for our business. His impact started the minute he arrived but will continue long after he left.

Conveyor and Hoist

A very big THANK YOU Hugh, for attending and presenting at our Forum Event. The team thoroughly enjoyed your Attitude to Self, Brand and Sell session. And the interactive technology to relay the messaging was a great tool and technique to keep the team engaged.

Dao Stephenson

Hugh understands the value of conversations - especially in the the high-tech world - and how to make them effective and engaging. I'm always impressed by his unique angle to business conversations, especially in sales, and I've put many of his ideas into practice in my own business.

First Step Communications Pty Ltd

Hugh did a fantastic job. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day, there was a good dose of humour which kept everybody well and truly motivated and the outcome was very positive. Our team actively applies what they have learnt when communicating with clients as well as suppliers which in turn enhances our ability to provide superior care. We can without hesitation recommend Hugh Gyton.

Fracht Australia

Hugh is a consummate professional and his approach to the art of selling is truly "eye opening". His training methods are backed up by many years as a real success in this area. Hugh's great strength is understanding people. This ability to understand helps to create a sound bridge and real relationships which allows meaningful conversations to take place.

Gerry Keegal

Hugh used his own process to good effect in understanding the needs of our Sales Team. The resulting sales training program was flexible and tuned into where our team is at right now, and where it needs to move to. 

Hay Group

Hay Group engaged with Hugh mid 2012 to coach our Business Developers and Account Managers in the art of selling. Even though the company had previously worked with Hugh, we hired him again due to his responsiveness, understanding of our needs and subsequent tailored cost effective approach/program.  Since Hugh delivered the 2 day training program and follow up coaching sessions, our Account Managers specifically have been more comfortable in client conversations, have a framework that each of them talks around internally and externally and ultimately now has an opportunity pipeline that is at the targeted size for the team.  A major factor in getting to these results was engaging with Hugh. I would recommend him to any company who want's similar results.

Hay Group

I first engaged Hugh Gyton after hearing him speak at a conference about how to have a conversation with prospective clients and get great results at the same time. Hugh coached me over several months and I found his strategies and tips very practical with immediate application. I continue to use them today with ongoing success in attracting and acquiring new clients.

High Performance Health

Had the opportunity to attend Hugh's presentation. Very interesting and catchy. Totally enjoyed his session. One of the best sessions I have had for the longest time. Well done! 

Hilton Hotel Group Greater China

Hugh ran a ... workshop for the Hilton Hotels Senior Leadership Team in Australasia and ... secured additional work from ... individual Hilton hotels. Hugh is engaging as a presenter and delivers a simple message ... in a way that is fun for all. We all learnt something about ourselves that will add value within the teams we work and how we communicate with each other. I would not hesitate to recommend Hugh ...

Hilton Hotels of Australia

Hugh has on a number of occasions helped many of our senior business managers from numerous backgrounds understand the importance of communication, the impact it can have and how to tailor conversations to achieve better results. Hugh demonstrates that he is an expert in his field and through very informal but powerful ways delivers great results. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hugh for either group or one on one work at any level of the business.

Hilton Worldwide

Had the pleasure of participating in a session that Hugh facilitated for our senior management in Sydney. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and kept the pace and interest levels at an appropriate level. Good balance between theory and practical sessions and kept it simple and relevant to the target audience. Overall, a great session from Hugh. Thank you!

Hilton Worldwide

Thanks to you and Tracey for presenting at our EA PA Summit 2012. It was so lovely to work with you and meet you onsite. Your participation and fantastic presentation added highly to the quality of the forum and to the satisfaction of our attendees at the conclusion of the event as can be gleaned from just a sample of their comments - "So full of energy, was a great presentation, kept everyone intrigued" "Very engaging - great for afternoon start" "The best part of the entire summit".  Look forward to working with you again.


Hugh is a champion motivator and clear thinker who engages the team in a very creative manner. He has personally helped me develop my skills that now benefit me on a day to day basis.

JDA Software

I was very blessed to have been coached by Hugh this year on how to improve conversations for better success. His approach to mastering the art of communication is simple yet very effective. I now truly feel empowered to have the most powerful conversations with customers, prospective clients, associates and friends... for mutual benefits. Thank you for your wonderful advice. I look forward to continuing to improve and develop stronger relationships with all types of wonderful individuals.

JDA Software Australia Pty Ltd

Hugh was able to deliver excellent content and new skills that I have put to use successfully in my working and personal life. I have enjoyed very much the follow-up sessions with Hugh and feel he has been the best external trainer I have worked with.


It was an honor and a privilege to take this session with you, thank you for all of the laughs and for being such a positive influence, a contagious attitude and an inspirational personality.

Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

Hugh has an ability to get you to view things with a new perspective. This really helps to deal with difficult situations in a different way. Both the Group sessions and individual coaching sessions were excellent. Thanks for all your help and support.

Jumeirah Group

Hugh is an inspirational individual who has the ability to engage and motivate through his unique talent.

Jumeirah Group

Working with Hugh over the last few months has been an excellent and rewarding experience which has helped me develop both personally and professionally. The group sessions were an excellent introduction and helped to develop my own understanding of how I operate in both professional and personal situation. The follow up one to one sessions helped me to build on the group sessions and focus in on some key areas of development. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to develop themselves to work with Hugh.

Jumeriah Group

It was good to have someone who I felt comfortable dealing with ...The key areas of benefit that Tracey provided were ... Drawing out my development areas and assisted me in ways to improve them ... Providing a clear direction and focus on things that needed to be done ... Working with me in strengthening my approach to dealing with senior management ... Assisting me in being more goal focused and also defining the activities to achieve the goals ... Tracey provided the skills to not only draw out my thoughts but also to use her as a sounding board for ideas and initiatives. I believe it has been the most valuable piece of development I have received since starting with KPMG.


Hugh is an excellent presenter, facilitator and communicator. He provided valuable insights that will make identifying and communicating with different personality 'types' much easier and more rewarding.

Leonard Smith

A massive thank you for a wonderful day with our team... the overall feedback has been excellent. From me personally, it was spot on, exactly what our team needed right now. I have had reports from two who have already applied some of what they received with fantastic response i.e. they focused on achieving in-house visits as a close and found they were having better conversations. The result? They had an immediate increase in conversions.  So, we are on the right track.  When we hear our MD commenting around utilising you further, we know it has been a screaming success.

Perfect Timber Floors

A well run workshop ... both the content and delivery were outstanding ... extremely powerful ... it puts into a process something which requires a high level of self awareness and inter-personal proficiency. Making something intangible, tangible for the process driven individual ... particularly relevant for those of us selling services and who are by nature more fact based rather than relationship driven ...

Portland Group

I have had the good fortune to have known Hugh for near on 30 years now – as salesman, manager, mentor and coach. Throughout it all, Hugh has been a thought leader taking each of life’s challenges, learning from it and evolving to lead and inspire those of us that think its just too hard. Hugh now runs his own business that shares his experiences and lessons learnt. He teaches us that everything in life is just a conversation away. Whether this be business success, career achievement or enriching our person relationships. I challenge anyone to spend an hour with Hugh and not walk away totally energised and invigorated. Thank you Hugh. Thanks for all the great advice you’ve given me over the years.


It was a delight to attend Hugh & Tracey’s workshop at the recent IQPC EA/PA Summit at Palazzo Versace.  Rarely does one get the opportunity to see husband and wife working as a team and together they proved that conversation really DOES matter! Not only were  they experts in their field,  their style of delivery was completely engaging and loads of fun. What a fabulous couple!

PSMA Australia

Hugh Gyton is indeed a High-Stakes Conversation Expert. His keynote address at Tridan's Annual Training Forum was enjoyed by our entire team - everyone valued the inspiring talk, and interaction, on the improvement of communication skills. In addition, Hugh's workshop to coach skills in sales conversations kept the sales team engaged and enthusiastic throughout. I strongly recommend this training for any team required to participate in high-stakes conversations.

Rob McConnochie

I have had the pleasure of working with Hugh on various projects over the past 18 months. He is a total professional, a brilliant facilitator and a genuinely good person. Hugh has the charisma and skill to bring a training room to life, engaging with participants, delivering the content and making the workshop enjoyable for all.

Sally Edwards

"I witnessed the Hugh and Tracey act the other week at the monthly Stump the Strategist event, and was very impressed how dynamic they were though totally centred in their field. They truly know their stuff evidenced not least by their powerful proprietary tools that will facilitate high stakes conversations no matter who you are."

Scotia MacLeod

Hugh, thanks again for your motivational, inspirational & entertaining presentation to my team at our Caloundra offsite. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and the group came away feeling both energised and convinced of the many benefits of simply having an engaging conversation with our customers.

SingTel Optus Pty Limited

Hugh provided a highly successful facilitation session. Supported with his extensive knowledge and experience, we were able to achieve higher than expected results and develop a sustainable strategy for the future.

SITA Australia Pty Ltd

Having attended a number of sales training courses over the years, I thought Hugh Gyton's emphasis on relationship building with the client through conversation was a different angle. The Selling is Just A Conversation methodology helped our more experienced sales people, as well as those that had never been on a course before and don't consider themselves in a sales role.

Solutions Asset Management Limited

I worked in direct sales reporting to Hugh during his spell in Hong Kong as the Regional Director at Symix Inc. Growth targets and expectations were high and Hugh offered structure, coaching and overall management that enabled me to achieve both personal and business goals.  His style, approach, knowledge and support was a valuable asset and I remember fondly the time under his management - I would recommend Hugh to anyone looking to develop sales talent in their business.

Symix Computer Systems Inc

Many thanks for working with yesterday's TEC-12 retreat with partners. Your workshop on The Art of Conversation was outstanding and helped make the day a great success, clearly appealing to members and their wives, and sending them away talking about how to use these concepts in their businesses, families and lives. Members gave you an outstanding rating: • Presentation skills and Content-5.0 out of 5.0 • Take-home value, Tools & Handouts-4.7 out of 5.0 Members' take-away value was reflected in typical comments on what they gained:  1. Better understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses regarding communication.  2. Key differences in styles of people and art of adapting to suit and gain best of.  3. Great, simple MODE tool. Another framework to consider when communicating.  4. Very logical [approach to communication].  5. Very good, simple overview of types but also awareness of difficulties in being absolute in "boxing'' people. Being honest about my personal characteristics [and] behaviours which I may [not] have been previously.  6. Simple framework that was easily applicable. Great takeaways. Very adaptive presentation style.  7. Listening tips. Ideas to improve communication skills.  8. Good techniques to improve interaction with staff and family.  9. (1) UNO ERST ANDING -requirement to adapt conversations to suit the different personality styles. (2) SELF-AW A.RENFS5 about personal dominant style.  Members thought the presentation was excellent as is. Several members suggested a short Q & A at the end and some tips on how to actually achieve changes during stressful conversations where the tendency is to 'stick with their familiar style'.   Thanks again, Tracey. I thoroughly enjoyed your session and it was great working with you.


Hugh has added a lot of value to our business, through business coaching and sales training. Most recently he [facilitated] broader understanding of people's work preferences which ... resonated with all team members and they are now appreciating their individual strengths but also the value of other's styles. We will work with Hugh in the future as he makes it a point to understand our business and is professional in all that he delivers.

The Wine Society

We hired Hugh to provide the keynote address at my teams "All Hands" meeting on the topic of improving stakeholder engagement. The team consists of ~150 individuals who all rely on effective stakeholder engagement to be successful in their roles.  Hugh was an engaging and high energy speaker and used the Conversation M.O.D.E.™ model to make people think about the best way to adjust their engagement style depending on their customer.  The feedback from the team after the event was uniformly positive and many mentioned the enduring value of the Conversation M.O.D.E.™ model due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Transport for NSW

Hugh was the keynote speaker for our most recent biannual team meeting and his topic - Conversation M.O.D.E. - was extremely well received by the group: we got a tonne of positive feedback! We were looking for a guest speaker to educate and entertain and Hugh did exactly that. Conversation M.O.D.E. is all about identifying the way you communicate with others to become more influential. The model is a simple, easy to remember tool to have in your back pocket and Hugh's delivery was interactive and engaging. People were up and moving around the room and the energy was lifted as a result. Thanks Hugh, for adding an element of fun to our team event!

Transport for NSW

Your willingness to assist us at short notice was outstanding ... we met with the company Director of the potential client ... as planned with you we left the meeting with a definitive commitment ... to forward the company's legal future work to us. I was very pleased with the result and more importantly how we managed the meeting. I am convinced [your methodology] and preparation was fundamental to [the successful] meeting ...

Vincent CCL

Hugh, as a lead facilitator for WHK's Business Advisory Program Workshops, has helped the Principals and other Senior Advisors who participated to understand more about the importance of, and potential of conversations. The workshops and associated coaching sessions were practical, informative and rewarding.


I was privileged to be part of a program where Hugh Gyton took as through the process of having meaningful conversations with our clients. Hugh is an excellent, engaging facilitator and I picked up so many new things that I have implemented in my day-to-day communications with clients. Thanks Hugh!

WHK Ballarat

Hugh is an inspiring speaker and facilitator with a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise. Even if I can put only a small amount of what he has imparted to us into practice I will make a great step forward in my relationships with my clients. Overall it was an excellent and enjoyable 5 days spent with Hugh

WHK Tasmania

Hugh's experience and knowledge of his field of excellence is first class. The methods and skills he taught us were invaluable and we were able to quickly put them to use. He left us with a range of tools/methods to use and work on going forward.

WHK Tasmania

Hugh was our main speaker at the 2012 Woolworths Property Conference speaking on Teamwork and Conversation skills. He really engaged a large group of 160 people of different ages for over 2 hrs- he made us laugh - he made us think about our conversation style. His presentation was funny, to the point, easy to process and understand. Many of my colleagues commented that it was the best presentation of the conference. Thanks Hugh!  

Woolworths Limited

Hugh provided me with Executive Coaching over 8 sessions. I found Hugh very knowledgeable, personable, and a great coach and mentor to discuss management and engagement challenges with my team. Hugh's guidance and tools assisted in improving my management skills, which, as evidenced by feedback from my team, created enriching results. I would certainly recommend engaging with Hugh again.

Woolworths Limited