Sailing, a metaphor for Scaling Up?

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Had the good fortune to enjoy a wonderful afternoon of sailing at Pittwater last week with a great bunch of guys. Not hard to be grateful in this City. Anyway, got me thinking about the sailing metaphor in life and my apologies I do not know whom to credit ...


"You meet 4 kinds of people on the ocean of life.


Those who drift just go with the flow. The wind and the waves control their speed and direction. The drifter quietly floats along and says, “Whatever.”

Those who surf are always riding a wave, the next big thing. They stay excited until the wave fades away, then they scan the horizon for something new. Surfers don’t usually get anywhere, but they make a lot of noise and put on a good show (apologies to all you fabulous surfers out there, poetic licence to allow the metaphor to make its point :)).

Those who drown seem to stay in the centre of a storm. It doesn’t matter how often you rescue them, they’ll soon be in another crisis, crying, 'Help me, save me, it’s been the worst week of my life. I don’t know what I’m going to do.'

Those who sail are navigating toward a fixed point. They counteract the wind and waves by adjusting the rudder and shifting the sails to stay on course.

Without an immovable, fixed point in your life, there can be no sailing. There’s nothing for you but to drift, surf or drown."


So, are you drifting, surfing, drowning, or sailing?


With the wind in my hair and the sun on my face last week I was certainly reminded which one I prefer. What about you?

Sailing isn't just a good metaphor for life in general, it is also a great metaphor for the #scalingup journey of many businesses and the assistance I and my fellow Certified Scaling Up Coaches are privileged enough to provide our clients.

If you are curious as to how I might be able to assist you set your course and adjust your rudder to stay on that course I extend the following invitation to you.

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