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We have all the answers, all the answers, it’s the question we do not know!

A skill that I am continually looking to hone in my role as a Scaling Up Coach is staying curious and consciously thinking about how I ask questions and indeed what questions I pose to help my clients gain greater clarity as to where their attention and intention needs to be.

What experience has taught me is that often less is more, don’t try to be too sophisticated. A great example of this is a topic we cover during our Public Business Growth Workshop which always leads to great conversation and insights amongst the participants.

The question is ...
In a word, what is the number one job of leaders for their team members and for companies and their products and services?

The hint to the one word comes from nature. There are no straight lines in nature - that’s a human creation. Think hockey stick projections in most startup business plans. A river makes its way to the ocean following the route of least resistance - it naturally seeks out the ‘EASY’ route.

I love the simplicity and practicality of adopting an attitude of our number one job as leaders and companies is to make something easier for our employees, our customers and our customers customer.

One of the wealthiest guy’s on the planet, Jeff Bezos, has made an art form of this. Amazon obsess’s about how to make it easier to buy and get something online. They pioneered the ‘one click’, have got manufacturers changing the packaging to make it easier on the customer and the environment, they have even worked hard on making it easier to return stuff.

IKEA in the States bought TaskRabbit back in 2017 recognizing the aging population of their core customers and the need to make it easier for them to get their furniture home and assembled.

So what could you do to make things easier?
  • Easier for your team members,
  • easier for your customer,
  • easier for your customers customer.

Need some inspiration?

A good place to start might be watching this 5 minute video.

The video shows a great strategy question popularized by Clayton Christensen at Harvard ... “What job causes you to hire a milkshake?”

So I ask again, what are you going to intentionally change to make things easier?

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If you are interested in further exploring how to leverage simple, actionable, and practical tools to help you Scale Up and make things EASIER why not come along to the Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop we are running on Thursday, 4th July, 2019.

Would highly recommend bringing along members of the Leadership Team to work together on your plan to Scale Up.

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