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Hugh works with CEOs and Senior Executives of mid-market organisations who have a strong desire to grow their companies and profitability faster

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The Scaling Up process

Empower your team and accelerate your growth

How do you beat the odds and survive the process of rapidly scaling up your business with your sanity and relationships intact? Let the experience of over 40,000 executives lead the way and help your company with strategic planning to achieve exceptional long-term results.

Scaling Up is a simple, practical and actionable step-by-step process to grow your business, based on the best-selling books by Verne Harnish Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It ... and Why the Rest Don't and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Fast-Growth Firm.

Hugh Gyton

Gazelles Certified Coach

With over 35 years of real-life entrepreneurial experience in the UK, Australia and Asia, Hugh has grown businesses for both himself and his clients, large and small across a diverse range of industries.

Hugh's variety and depth of experience provides him with:

  • cross-cultural experience and capability
  • highly developed verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • excellent facilitation and coaching skills
  • accreditation as a Scaling Up Rockefeller Habits Certified Coach
  • accreditation as a Certified Speaking Professional and Gazelles Certified Coach
  • multi-industry experience and a deep understanding of what makes business tick
  • an ability to develop trusted relationships in order to understand the real issues faced by his clients
  • the ability to manage in a collaborative and performance based manner

Why you should work with Hugh

Leverage off the experience of 1000's of executives

Experience this simple, practical and actionable approach

With years of work and thousands of executives' experience, including local success stories such as Ansarada, Atlassian, Ezypay, Rackspace, Red Balloon and Silver Chef what we know to be true is that when our tools are implemented successfully your organisation should experience:

  • At least double the rate of cashflow
  • Triple the industry average profitability
  • Increase the valuation of the firm relative to competitors
  • Help stakeholders - employees, customers, and shareholders - enjoy the climb

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The Gazelles Methodology

The Four Decisions to drive and scale growth

People Decisions

  • Do you want to build a harmonious culture within your company where people are empowered to be accountable?
  • If you had the choice right now would you enthusiastically re-hire everyone on your team?
  • Are your staff members actively contributing to the growth of your company?

Strategy Decisions

  • Can you and your company leaders quickly and easily state your company’s strategy?
  • Do you have a concrete plan in place that guarantees sustainable growth?

Execution Decisions

  • Is your business consistently and efficiently converting revenue into profit?
  • Are your leaders and team members accountable and disciplined in the execution of their roles and responsibilities?

Cash Decisions

  • Do you have a steady source of cash to fuel your company’s growth?
  • Are you ready to make the changes necessary to increase output and improve revenue?
  • Do you want to know how to improve your cash position without necessarily increasing either sales or profit?

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Scaling Up

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