More Leadership Lessons from a Jigsaw

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More Leadership lessons from a jigsaw


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Hi, Hugh Gyton, your Certified Scaling Up coach.

Here again with some more Scaling Up Leadership Lessons from the jigsaw that just keeps giving. And if you didn't get my last round of lessons from this jigsaw puzzle, feel free to visit and go to the blog tab where you'll see a similar video.

Lesson one - update the process

But today I want to share with you how I've moved on with the jigsaw and I've now got to that point where it's getting quite challenging. You know, all the houses have been built, horse and carriage, and the people, the well, and the easy things to find have been done and we're now in sort of swathes of colour.

Greys for the road, blues for the sky, and bit of green for some grass. And a lesson I realized for Scaling Up businesses that came to mind was the fact that what I did was starting to organize my process a little bit.So I've now got the pieces that I haven't placed in the jigsaw ordered into their shapes. So here we have two prongs, all of the two prongs. Over here we have the two prong ones and I've got two piles of two prongs, some which are actually, that one needs to go there, long and thin and some which are square, and I've got ones without prongs, etc.

What that's enabling me to do, is that sometimes you get to a point in a puzzle, where there's a hole or a shape, and you know by the shape, what to do and it just helps you cut through and get things happening quicker. And that's really in your business, are you improving the processes that you're using.

lesson two - use support 

The next thing I've realized as this goes on, and it's several days now that this jigsaw puzzle has been in action, is use support. 

Other people have come and visited and stood by the table and they've been able to place pieces that I've just not been able to see. They bring a new set of eyes, new perspective on the situation. Don't be afraid to seek support, seek advice. Whether it's from a professional Certified Coach, such as myself, or just colleagues in your company, your friends who might give you a perspective, a different set of eyes, make sure you're seeking support.

lesson three - discipline

The third is it's about discipline. Every day, I'm ensuring I at least spend some time looking at this jigsaw puzzle and trying to place some pieces and most days I am able to, but just be in action.You move forward and you can see that if this represented some big strategic goal we're working on, we are piece by piece by piece, getting to that ultimate goal. And that's what Scaling Up is about.

Have your Big Hairy Audacious Goal, your 3 Year Highly Achievable Goal your 1 Year Highly Achievable Goal, and then the 90 day plan. What are you going to do in the next 13 weeks?Be that disciplined about building and Scaling Up your business as I am trying to be about building and finishing this puzzle.

bonus lesson - disaster recovery

And the fourth one is a bonus, which I wasn't planning to give you, it's sort of circumstances led me to feel I should.Last night, and the person responsible will be remain nameless, but one of my team knocked over a glass of water onto this corner of the puzzle and on these pieces, whole glass, which has caused a little bit of an issue, the pieces have expanded a little bit and some of them are falling apart. But that's by the by, but it reminded me…

Have you got your disaster recovery plans in place?

What if metaphorically, somebody were to pour a glass of water onto your business?

Would you be able to keep moving? Would you be able to be scaling up quickly?

Reminds me of my time when I was selling IT outsourcing services. And you know clients did sometimes need to have a serious backup plan, because their whole business is on their IT infrastructure.

Do you have appropriate disaster recovery in place for your scaling up business?

So there you have it, some more lessons from the joy of doing jigsaw puzzle.

I'm Hugh Gyton. Your Certified Scaling Up Coach.

And if you'd like to learn more about Scaling Up, look in the link down below, takes you to my event page on And maybe join me at my next Business Growth Scaling Up Workshop coming up in a few weeks.

Hope to see you there and keep scaling!


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